Wednesday, February 14, 2007

recap attempt part 1

ok, here's a snipped of what happened thus far to help create FnW:

first thing i think of are how my best friends from childhood came up to syracuse,
the first week we got the keys and helped paint and construct the interior of the place.
it was awesome: joe, abby, lyla, and liz all came up and helped out for a couple days.
i think it was january 3rd, 2007.

the girls mostly painted the staircase
(which ended up kinda faded/drippy due to bad weather)
(no sweat though, kyle touched it up, and we'll finish it super-pimp-style once its warm out)

joe painted a LOT of the interior of FnW
i remember him doing both purple corners for sure, which is PHAT, i love purple and love joe.

so, yea, it was a freakin' blast with those kids, and i know it wouldn't have turned out this gorgeous without their express help. thanks guys!
what else, we had plenty of trips to the paint store and home depot and stuff.
we went to the egg plant one morning for breakfast/lunch, and basically painted all day.

oh, and heck yea - we had like 3 growlers full of Middle Ages brew, which is the best beer around upstate new york. that seemed really fitting because
joe is from ft. collins - home of Fat Tire baby!

'aight, that took a lot out of me, but i'll be trying to piece this thing back together.
i remember my older brother Roni once gave me a journal for my birthday. he told me that he wished he had written everything down. i do too. i tried to write in it a few times, and it only happened those few times.
maybe now i can really make an attempt to record my life, through Funk 'n Waffles.
plus, typing is for lazy people is for me.

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