Saturday, May 12, 2007


Syracuse, NY! what's cookin' baby?
this is adam gold, DJ and host of the Funk Show on WAER 88.3fm
thanx for checking out my site,
right now its being forwarded to this blog until i get the real one up
so for now, dig it like this:

- i'm going to post the playlists from my show every week
- i'm also going to begin posting recordings of past shows
- in addition, i'm going reveal several other things i'm working on in Syracuse, NY

one thing you all should know about is that i recently opened Funk 'n Waffles
its a restaurant/music venue located on the SU hill here in Syracuse
we're in Campus Plaza on South Crouse Ave just behind Marshall St.
some of you may be familiar with the old Hungry Charlie's, that's where we are
down the stairs next to the new version - Chuck's Bar

we serve delicious food all day and all night,
coffee and espresso, belgian waffles, eggs, sandwiches, ice cream, and more!
the best part is: funk is the atmosphere, the vibe.
we spin funk and soul vinyls, we mount records to the wall,
this joint is all about the funk, we even have live funk music weekly!

ok, i'm gonna see what sorta response i get to this.
please post comments, suggestions, song requests - i'll be checking this OFTEN.
its 11:35am on saturday, so i'm ON-AIR right now, peace!

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